Retractable Awnings


Your home is an investment. When it comes to shade protection, there are several awning companies from which to choose; but did you know that some of them use RV and camper awnings retrofit for the side of your home? We only sell Solair awnings because they were designed from the start to be high-end long-lasting shade solutions with the quality and longevity that our clients would want permanently mounted on their homes. Solair is a division of Sunbrella, so you know they will be first class in construction and quality. With three series of retractable awnings, frame color choices, hundreds of Sunbrella awning fabrics, and professional installation, you can be assured you are getting a product that you would be proud to show on your home. Come into our store and let one of our sales team show you how a Solair awning can keep you 20 degrees cooler in the summer and reduce your air conditioning bill at the same time.

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