Outdoor Fire Pits

Vin de Flame Wine Barrel Fire Pits

Vin de Flame one-of-a-kind gas fire pits bring the flavor of the California Wine Country to your outdoor living space. Each fire pit is unique because it is made from a retired wine barrel from the Napa/Sonoma Northern California Wine Country. Visit our showroom to see this beautiful and unusual fire pit.

For more detailed information visit the Vin de Flame web site.


Fire Pit Art Wood-Burning Fire Pits

Fire Pit Art® fire pits are created from one quarter inch
(6.35 mm) thick, 100% American steel, which is by far the heaviest gauge metal used in any fire pit available today. The sturdy construction assures you of having this functional art for many years to come. They have an iron oxide patina on the outside which will darken a little with time then become permanent. The inside is coated with a high temperature resistant paint, and there is a rain drain in the bottom. Our artistic simplicity paired with incredible durability will provide you with years of enjoyment.

For more detailed information visit the Fire Pit Art web site.


OpenFire BBQ Charcoal or Wood-Burning Fire Pit/Grill

The OpenFire is the premier handcrafted fire pit offering an all-in-one professional barbecue experience in your favorite location - backyard outing, campsite, or wherever you wish to cook. The OpenFire was invented to intensify your outdoor barbecues forever. It is the only fire pit/grill designed to hold 5 versatile attachments at any one time. Handcrafted in Europe, OpenFire offers a new trend in cooking. Just remember to bring friends and family to help enjoy the experience!

For more detailed information, visit the OpenFire BBQ website.


Other Gas and Wood-Burning Fire Pits

We also carry gas and wood burning fire pits manufactured by the patio furniture brands we carry. Please come into the showroom or refer to the manufacturer’s website for a complete selection.

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