MagraHearth Mantels are created with the natural beauty of stone and wood, meticulously hand-crafted using patented, lightweight, fiber-reinforced concrete, molded from actual stone and wood pieces. MagraHearth non-combustible products are designed to be installed not only in standard applications but can be placed closer to the fireplace opening than conventional mantels and surrounds. This both enhances the aesthetics of the fireplace and facing itself and diverts the heat away from the TV, electronics or artwork above the fireplace. Authentically molded and individually hand-painted, no two mantels will ever be alike.

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A picture is just a picture, but a framed picture is finished art. This is the same with your fireplace. You can purchase a picture anywhere; but at J C Huffman, you will be receiving a finished work of art. Their handcrafted mantels are the perfect frame for any fireplace you choose. All J C Huffman Cabinetry’s mantels can be made with any combination of their select woods and stains.

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We are happy to work with your size requirements to create a custom fireplace mantel to meet your needs. Our primary goal is to build a superior product using only the finest materials. If you need a fireplace mantel for your home, we will deliver an attractive handcrafted product that you will be happy with for years to come.

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